Getting to know horses or a horses getting to know you

Where to get to know horses for free:

You can go to any horse farm that is near you, and ask if you can volunteer, and if you are old enough, even work there(they should be happy to welcome anyone in to help do the so called “chores” around the barn). Sometimes, if you volunteer there, they will pay you by giving you free riding lessons! You will learn, and get to know horses really well, and you might even pick out your favorite horse there. If you work there, or volunteer there every day(or every other day), then you might be able to get a leased horse(just pay a $10 to $40 fund depending on the horse, it’s food, water, and ext. every month). But remember, it is a BIG commitment to work there every day(or every other).

If it gets boring, and you don’t spend time with the horse:

If it gets boring, and you want to spend time with a(or the) horse(s), then ask someone if you can groom one of the horses after you are done with all the “chores”, or lead one of the horses around with the lead rope(they can’t say no to a person who just wants to spend time with horses, and who deserves it for picking up horse dung).

How to get your horse to get to know you:

If you have a favorite, leased, or your own horse, get to know it, and let the horse get to know you. How you do that? Well, horses are very smart, if you blow lightly on your horses nose, every time you see them, they will get to know your smell. Talk to the horse, the horse will also get to know your sound. Ride the horse(if you can) and the horse will get to know your ways on riding(but when you are riding, most horses will test you to see if they can trust you ,and if you can trust them). It doesn’t matter if the horse likes you or doesn’t, you are the boss over it, period.

How to get to know your(leased, or favorite) horse:

You can get to know the horse by observing the horse and getting to know what the horse likes or dislikes, if it is girthy(the girth of the saddle bugs the horse),  scared or spooked easily, or just simple things about the horse.

I hope this helped! Good luck!


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