The Arabian

Environment: Desert     Origin: Prehistoric     Blood: Hot

 About the Arabian:

The Arabian is the oldest of all purebred horse lines. There is evidence that the breed existed on the Arabian peninsula as early as 2500 B.C. Most horse breeds today have at least some Arabian blood. This breed is admired as much for its courage and strength as for its beauty. People have ridden Arabians as war horses and for long journeys across the dessert. Arabian horses are one of the most popular, and most common horses in the wold. The Araibain horse is considerd the fountainhead of all the world’s breeds and acknowledged as the purest decent and is the most ancient of all the equine races.



Starting Young:

These gentle, affectionate animals are known for their intelligence, energy, and agile moves. Arabian foals are very smart and even while hey are just a few hours or days old, they know how to jump small fences, and run really fast like this foal,. Whan the foals are born, they are usually black, gray, brown, reddish-brown with white markings.

Breed Basics:

NAME: from the Arabian peninsula, where they were first bred

DATE & PLACE OF ORIGIN: perhaps as far back as 2500 B.C., on the Arabian Peninsula

USUAL HEIGHT: 15 hands (60 inches)

USUAL WEIGHT: 800 to 1,000 pounds

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: a small head with large eyes, a long neck and short back, high, curving hindquarters, a long silky mane and tail.

High-tailing It:

Arabian horses have very long legs that are slim, but strong. A slandered feature of Arabian horse is this horse that has its high-carried tail:

In most Arabian horses have 16 tailbone and 22 vertebrae (backbones). Other breeds have 18 tailbone and 24 vertebrae. Here is a diagram of the horse body:


 A race of horses of Arabian type existed on Arabian peninsula at least 2,000 years before the Christian era. This is indicated by the Bedouinpeople, who were closely connected with the “desert horse.”


8 Responses to The Arabian

  1. evajoy says:

    Arabian horses are my fav horses. This was sooo interesting. Thanks for telling about the Arabian.

    • You are very welcome, I plan on adding more to my blog soon about the equipment to take care of a horse and ride one too! I used to love the Arabian horse too, until i found that there where SO MANY different kinds of horse breeds!

  2. evajoy says:

    I think that Arabians are the ultimite horse!

    • they are also the 2nd most popular horse in the world! they cam also be very dangerous! I recomend you get, or rent the movie Black Stallion, it isn’t about an arabian horse, but it is a very great horse movie, so is Misty of Chincoteague, it is also a GREAT movie, you could even get the book, but they are both really great!

  3. Vickie Coulter says:

    I just was given an Arabian horse. He is a retired Dressage champion. He is a bit older…if he has Arthritis in his back leg…is it really not good to ride him at all? He gets so excited when he sees me. I have had him for about 3 months now, and I have never ridden him yet. I have been told, “You can’t ride him”, Then told “You can ride him”. I am so confused. What do you think???

    • I am not a vet, but I don’t think you should ride him. It is good for him to go outside and run because he needs to move his legs, and if he doesn’t, his leg will get stiff enough for it to be hard for him to walk. If you ride him it is just more weight and pressure on this leg. So if you do ride him, he can get injured with the weight of the tack, and you. Have you asked a vet?

      • Vickie Coulter says:

        Yes I have asked a vet and a farrier…and one says yes and the other says no. The vet said no…but then when he watches Lou walk and prance around…he changes his mind. I would rather not ride him. I need to do what is best for him. And he wants just to be my pasture bestest friend, and I am ok with that. We can have just as much fun together even if I can’t/won’t ride him. I Love you blog!!! I am sure I will have more questions in the near future! Thank-You!!

      • You are very welcome! I am glad I could help! Just e-mail me if you have any more questions! E-mail:

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