The Pinto(Also known as the ‘Paint horse)

Who Spilled The Paint?

Pinto refers to a horse’s coloring, not its breed. A pinto is a horse or pony with a coat of two different colors, in either of two distinctive patterns. The over (oh-VAIR-oh) pinto pattern is a large patches of white on a mostly dark colored coat. The tobiano (toh- bee- YAH-noh) pinto pattern is large patches of color on a mostly white coat. The word pinto comes from pintado (pin-Tah-doh), the Spanish word for “painted.”


Getting Official

Pintos can be found among many different breeds. Three are official groups that help determine if a horse of pony is a pinto. They don’t always agree. There is more than one set of rules used to classify a horse or a pony as a pinto.

This is a tobiano coat, 

and this is a overo coat,.

Color Schemes

Some people refer to pintos as either piebalds or skewbalds. The word piebald (PIE-bald) describes a pinto with white and black can be its own two colors. The pattern can be either overo or tobiano. Shewbald (SKYOO-bald) describes a pinto that is white and any color other than black, of either pattern.This horse is a overo and tabiano .

Breed Basics

Also known as: piebald, skewbald, particolored, or calico; some particular pinto breeds are known as paints.

Date & place of origin: unknown; pinto denotes a coloring rather than a particular breed.

Usual height: pinto horses; 14.2 to 16 hands (56.8 to 64 inches) pinto ponys; under 14.2 hands (56.8 inches).

Usual weight: depends on the kind of  breed the horse or pony is.

Main characteristics: a coat showing large areas of white and a dark color (usually black or brown); the mane and tail also may be of two colors.


2 Responses to The Pinto(Also known as the ‘Paint horse)

  1. suburbancowgirl22 says:

    So you know, pinto is a color whereas a paint is an actually breed… I myself own an American Paint Horse, so I’m pretty knowledgable! I think that the information you have here is great!! Very well done, but you may want to mention that some “pinto” colored horses are actually Paint horses. 🙂
    I really like your blog!
    Check out mine if you want more information, I’m planning on posting a Paint/Pinto article in the near future 🙂

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